Memorial Hermann supports Keep Houston Safe.
Texas Children's Hospital supports Keep Houston Safe.
Houston Police Officers' Union (HPOU) supports Keep Houston Safe.
The National Safety Council (NSC) supports Intersection Safety Cameras.
The Partnership for Advancing Road Safety (PARS) supports Intersection Safety Cameras.
Red-light running is the leading cause of urban crashes.
Source: Insurance Institute for Highway Safety
Total crashes decreased by 54%, and total injury and PDO crashes were reduced by 56%.
Source: Department of Public Safety, Dr. Simon Washington, 2008
Orlando, Florida
33% fewer crashes at ten of the city’s most dangerous intersections.
Source: "Red-Light Cameras Are Preventing Collisions", LaserCraft, 2010
A red light is run every 20 minutes at each intersection.
Source: Insurance Institute for Highway Safety
80% of Americans support the use of intersection safety cameras to identify vehicles that run red lights.
Source: Partnership for Advancing Road Safety
76 people died and 5,609 were injured because drivers disregarded red lights.
Source: Florida Department of Public Safety, 2008
Baltimore County, Maryland
Violations have dropped up to 60% at city intersections equipped with cameras.
Source: City of Baltimore Web Site
762 people were killed and an estimated 137,000 were injured in crashes that involved red-light running
Source: Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (2008)

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Local leaders understand how important Intersection Safety Cameras are for the safety of our roads.

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An independent study from Rice University shows Intersection Safety Cameras make our roads safer.

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Wrecks down at most lights with cameras
APD officials say that during the past two years, intersections with red light cameras have seen the number of wrecks drop by 10 percent.

Austin police update the public on the effectiveness of red light cameras
Of the nine red light cameras installed at problem Austin intersections, seven of them have seen close to a 70-percent decrease in collisions.